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I have had the good fortune to participate in the 2021 WIR program on three prior occasions and have worked with excellent authors who were also excellent mentors and teachers, but my experience with Joseph stands out as having had the most positive impact on my writing. My confidence has been boosted, my passion to get to the keyboard is at an all-time high, and I now feel I have a clear path to completion of my project. With his guidance, I have made several changes that really feel “right” to me. Perhaps it was a coincidence of me being “ready” and his being receptive, but whatever the reasons, the best ever WIR for me.

I was staggered at how he is so very involved in everyone’s work, could speak in detail about their work and was very engaged in each story. The overwhelming feeling was that he was truly invested in us and our work

I have really enjoyed Joseph’s relaxed presentation in group and his attention to individual work. I liked Zoom format more than I thought I would and wouldn’t necessarily think that ‘in person’ is preferable in the future. The one-on-one meeting is so essential and always for me the highlight as I am sure it is for everyone.

Joseph has been extremely generous with his one-on-ones. Long submissions. Complete comments. Excellent discussions. I have really benefitted from his perspective. The Zoom format has been surprisingly effective. And it has made it easier logistically for me

The one-on-one meetings with Joseph are fantastic. He’s encouraging on the writing process, makes helpful suggestions in discussions on plot and story arc, helps me figure out devices to further develop my characters, notes the importance of making them sympathetic, or not. These are things more experienced creative writers will know as basic, but, for me, they are all new and his support is incredibly important.

Loved being reconnected to other writers and spending time talking together about the craft. I liked the open discussion format of the sessions – we brought topics forward as well as Joseph covering content like exposition and scene etc. (In the one-on-one meetings), Joseph’s support and interest with the non-fiction “guide to mindfulness” I am working on is so helpful and has pushed me forward at a time when writing has not come easily.

His feedback is clear and encouraging. He brings the right amount of directive with big picture understanding about the book. He’s curious about mindfulness and has learned about the practice from reading my work…this has helped me know that what I am writing will stick with readers.

I feel particularly fortunate to work with someone like Joseph! What a great individual/mentor and course representative!! I learned exactly what I need to take my novel to the next step of competition!!!
His words and suggestions hit the mark of what I was missing, allowing me to feel comfortable with my novel and that I can finish it the way it should.
Everything about working with him was fantastic! I am sure all attendees would agree!

I have especially enjoyed Joseph’s individual feedback and encouragement.

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